Dalmatian cuisine

skampiTrogir is not inferior to bigger Dalmatian cities when it comes to fish restaurants. Fresh grilled fish, i.e. prepared in a commonest manner, is the absolute ruler of the Dalmatian cuisine. Even though the preparation of Dalmatian specialties is rather simple, and you may find it easy to prepare them on your own; every cook has their own little tricks. You have probably heard of some meat dishes, like Dalmatian ”Pastizzada”, i.e. stewed beef served in Dalmatian gravy sauce with dumplings; and now is the right time to taste them. If you are a fan of smoked and cured meats, you should try Prosciutto from Sinj (i.e. smoked or dry-cured ham). And for a desert get yourself a treat with Ravioli from Trogir.

Prosciutto from Sinj – which not be as good without a famous wind in Dalmatian Hinterland, called BORA

Fish Stew (Croatian ‘’brudet’’, ‘’brodet’’) – various kinds of fish cooked with potatoes and all kinds of Dalmatian spices

Grilled Fish – along with top-quality fish try PILCHARD – the absolute queen of oily fish inevitable at Dalmatian festivities

Dalmatian Pastizzada – a traditional meat dish with gravy sauce and dumplings

Bread made under a baking lid – baked in a fireplace (Croatian ‘’komin”)

Veal, lamb and octopus made under a baking lid – traditionally prepared dishes baked under a clay vessel (Croatian ‘’peka’’)

Cuttlefish Risotto (or Black Risotto) – a cuttlefish is a kind of fish which contains black paint so that risotto becomes black

Stewed shrimps – crabs prepared in a traditional dish

Foccacia from island Vis – a thin bread dressed with anchovies, spicy tomato sauce and garlic

Ravioli from Trogir – traditional confection from Trogir

Rozata (Creme Caramel) – a desert made of eggs, milk and sugar

Sweet Fritters (Croatian Krostule) – a crunchy deep-fried traditional Dalmatian pastry