Trogir region

If you want to learn more about the history of Trogir, we certainly recommend a city tour with our guide. Ivana, the owner of the Tragos Suite, will gladly accompany you on a scroll through the streets of Trogir and revive its history by telling you ancient stories and legends which have been passed on for generations. Hence, do not forget to book your city tour J. In the afternoon you should climb the steeple of the St. Lawrence Cathedral and enjoy the exceptional panoramic view of Trogir and its surroundings.

Do not resist the seductive scents of exquisite foods, which will follow you throughout the city. When the night falls there is no city in the world as magical as Trogir. The stone walls exhilarate in a delicate light of lamp posts, and behind every corner one can hear a song or murmurs of the Dalmatians who chat with their neighbours until late in the night. If you enjoy the rhythm of modern music, you can party until the morning in the city walls where disco bar Padre is located, or over the bridge on Ciovo in disco bar Monako.

trogir2The island of Ciovo is a beautiful resort for an adventurous exploration both for singles and families. So, if you are an adventurer, you should abandon yourself to the charm of little fishermen places, untouched nature of pine woods and crystal-clear sea. Numerous little coves with beautiful beaches wait for you to discover them. It is also a good idea to take a walk to the little church “Our Lady of Prizidnice” (Gospe od Prizidnice) and visit the stunning Kava Beach in the eastern part of the island. If you desire to visit Split as well, and you do not want to start your car on holiday, we suggest you to travel to Split by regular boat line known as BURA LINE which takes off from Ciovo right across the bridge, approx. 150 metres on the left. Or, if the sea is still, rent a boat and explore the surrounding islands. Enjoy the picturesque islets of Fumija and Kraljevac, or take a bath in the magical Krknjaši lagoon.

trogir3The city of Trogir is a beautiful maze of stone alleys and narrow streets, traditional Dalmatian taverns; little squares where children play, stone staircases, ancient houses with aging roofs and wonderful stone crofts, little windows decorated with a bunch of flowers. As you walk through the streets of Trogir you will smell freshly prepared fish from the numerous taverns and find the old stone taverns where wine and olive oil is made and kept.

All of this gives Trogir a unique significance – a spirit! Walk down the main City Street (Gradska ulica) and visit one of the oldest crafts in Trogir – the family shoemaker’s shop ‘’Parčina’’ where you can have your shoes fixed or buy a small leather souvenir. Visiting one of the numerous taverns in Pašike (which is the old city area abundant in small Dalmatian restaurants) will make your stay in Trogir complete. It certainly feels wonderful to sit on small stone steps in the shade surrounded by numerous cultural historic monuments like: St. Lawrence Cathedral, the Cipiko Palace with its beautiful facade, the City Lodge in front of which in ancient times a significant cultural and city life took place.

The northern area of city walls overlooks the city market where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables and naturally hear the arguments and discussion of the locals from the nearby fish market. At night, as you sleep, fresh fish is on its way to the fish market, waiters serve coffee for the early birds and fresh bread is laid out on the shelves of the bakeries.

This is the place where common people work, live and enjoy – all day. Welcome to Trogir – the city of happy moments!