Apartments Barba

barba-out022If you want to be a guest in our family there are two different facilities at your disposal. In the following outlines we have given our best to present and describe our suites and our big family.

The island of Ciovo is abundant in little coves, natural beaches, hiking and cycling tracks (our guests have the possibility of keeping their bikes and renting ours in the suites). The vicinity of airport and other beautiful Dalmatian cities like Primosten (25km), Split (25km) and other beautiful resorts, will make your holiday even more enjoyable during your stay at the Barba Suites and the Tragos Suite. Trogir is one of the stunning little cities on the coast, situated in the very heart of middle Dalmatia. Ciovo is located in the vicinity of Trogir as a protective sea fortress wall to the hundreds- year –old city.

The first facility named BARBA SUITES is located in a little settlement called Mastrinka on the island of Ciovo only 2 km (20 minutes’ walk) from the centre of Trogir. In this facility your hosts the Matkovic family – Barba Ivan, Anđa and Ana – will give you a warm welcome. Barba will serve you home-made Dalmatian liqueurs and wine, Anda is responsible for serving home-made cakes, dried figs or sugar-coated almonds, and Ana is at your disposal if you need any information about Trogir or any other resort.

The suites are named after one of your hosts – Barba Ivica. While in your country people greet each other with ”Good afternoon” or ”Good afternoon, Sir”, in Dalmatia instead of ”Sir” people say ”Barba”; thus with time your host Barba Ivica became known as Barba. It is said that Dalmatians are lazy, and it is worth adding that there might be the reason ;))

Quite near the suite there is a shop where you can buy daily necessities, but a bit farther, approx. 800 metres from the house, there is a newly-opened big supermarket where you can buy everything you need – from fresh vegetables to fresh meat! We highly recommend that you buy fish at the fish-market in Trogir.

If you decide to go to the fish-market, try to get up as early as you can to buy your fish because then you will have a wide range of fish to choose from as it arrives from the trawl boats. After all, getting up early and enjoying the sunrise in Dalmatia (at least once) is a must-do on holiday. Therefore, sit on the balcony, observe the most beautiful part of the day, and then go to the fish-market and get your top-quality fish.

Also, not very far from the house there is a hotel with additional facilities. However, if you rather enjoy the peace and quiet and an ”authentic atmosphere”, staying at our suites is a way to go. You should go out on the balcony in the late afternoon and enjoy the view, and if you feel like exploring the nature and the surroundings, take a stroll on the nearest beach, maybe you will spot a fisherman under his boat light.

If you are a true gourmand, you will have the opportunity to see a real ”komin” (a fireplace) which will certainly impress you by its authentic look. Experience a true ”Dalmatian atmosphere” and test yourself in preparing grilled dishes.

Only 100 metres from the house there is a local road which on the one hand leads to Trogir, and on the other to Arbanija (1000 m). Arbanija is a fishermen’s village with two fish restaurants where you can taste Dalmatian specialties. In Abanija there is a Dominican Monastery (a sanctuary) of St. Cross (Sveti Kriz). According to a true story, a hermit from Prizidnice made a two-metre-high cross of olive wood and brought it on his back to this church as his vowing gift on the request of a priest from the Dominican Monastery. The cross still stands in the monastery and ever since the antiquity everybody has been turning to this cross – families for health, mariners for good luck on their journeys, mothers for their children, farmers for crops…


As you cross the bridge which links Ciovo with the old nucleus of the city, you will find yourselves on one of the most beautiful Rivas in Dalmatia. Perhaps this is only our opinion, so you should see it on your own. During the summer season many famous people like Bernie Ecclestone, Jon Bon Jovi and many other celebrities from show business decide to visit our city and ”anchor” on this Riva.

Tragos suite was named after the city of Trogir which was founded by the Greek settlers from the island of Vis in the 3rd century B.C. and the official version of its name comes from the Greek word ‘’tragos’’, meaning male-goat. For centuries old city walls have resisted the hands of time and that is why people enjoy coming to visit it.
Trogir is most certainly a heaven for those who cherish art, antiquity and beauty in general because it is best preserved Romanesque and Gothic city in Middle Europe and thus added on the UNESCO-s List of World Heritage in 1997. It was especially known among European pharmacists, because the first pharmacy on the continent was founded in Trogir in 1271.

Those who have not heard of the Kamerlengo Fortress and have never had a look over the harbour; those who have not crossed the threshold of the Radovan Portal in the St. Lawrence’s Cathedral (the city patron) or walked through the narrow streets of the City Museum; ought to do so!

On the other side of the island you will find a big city market, so if you desire to make an authentic specialty while on holiday; you can buy fresh groceries there. On your way back wink to St. Ivan of Trogir, the blessed bishop from Rome who kept court at a town until his death. The statue of him still proudly stands on the city walls and his grace takes care of those who worship him.

After a rich meal that you have prepared in the Tragos Suite, go back to the city because Vinko Coce –one of the famous singers famous for his a cappella singing and known as the ‘’Nightingale from Trogir’’ – may be singing.

During your stay our family will try to present Dalmatia in a unique, special way…. Welcome!